Site Pages: Creating a Custom Page

Custom pages allow you the flexibility of presenting any type of content you wish to your site visitors. They can be used to display information about the community you serve, or to present an overview of your marketing strategy.

With custom pages, you can embed YouTube videos, Trendgraphix reports, and virtual tours onto your web site.

Follow these steps to create a new custom page:


  1. From the Agent Website Admin, select Site Pages (see below).
  2. Select Add New (see below).
  3. From the Add New page pop up, select Custom Page from the dropdown list (see below).
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Add a Title (see below, circled in red) and your content into the Text Editor (see below, circled in blue).

    1. NOTE: If you would rather use HTML to create your page, select Tools > Source Code.
  6. Save your work and display the page to the public on your website by selecting Publish (see below).

    1. NOTE: If you want to save your work, but not display the page to the public, select Save Draft.
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