Roster: Adding an Unpublished Listing

Adding an Unpublished Listing


You can create listings that are not on the MLS. This will let you create Pre-Listings for listings that have not been posted on the MLS yet, or you can create a Non-MLS listing for listings that won’t go one the MLS such as pocket listings.


Add an Unpublished Listing

  1. From your profile page, select My Listing (see red arrow below).
  2. Select Unpublished Listing (see blue arrow below).


Add a Pre-listing

  1. Select the Add Pre-Listing button (Circled below).
  2. Then select Next (See below).

  1. Choose an MLS and Add an MLS number (Circled below).
  2. Select Add (See below)  


Edit a Pre-listing


  1. Select the Pre-listing (See below)


  2. Select Edit Listing (See below)


  3. Modify the MLS or MLS Number (Circled below)
  4. Select Save (See below)


Adding a Non-MLS Listing


  1. Select the Non-MLS button (Circled below).
  2. Then select Next (See below).

  3. Fill out the info for the Listing (See below).







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