Roster: How to Update Your Agent Profile

You Agent Profile information is reflected a few places throughout Moxi which includes your Agent Website and you Moxi Present Agent Profile page. So, it’s important to keep this information up to date. Follow the instructions below to set up or edit your Agent Profile information.

Updating your Agent Photo


  1. From the Agent drop down menu in the top left hand corner, select My Account.

  2. To change your profile image, select your agent photo.

  3. Select File and select the image from your hard drive.


Updating Your Agent Profile


  1. Select the Pencil Icon in the top right to edit any of your information.

  2. From your Personal Info Screen you can change:
    1. Your display names.
    2. Publically displayed title.
    3. Agent ID and much more!

  3. From you Contact Info page you can change:
    1. Your Email Address.
    2. Phone Number.
    3. Office extension and more!

  4. From your Web Info Page, you can edit your:
    1. Your Bio Information
      1. NOTE: Some people put testimonials in the second bio spot.
    2. Your Agent Website.
    3. Zillow Options and many more!





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