Roster: Working with Photo Galleries

Adding a photo gallery to one of your existing listings is very simple to do now! You can customize the kinds of images and videos your listing displays. You can also add captions and additional comment to your images as well as create different sections within your gallery.


To add a photo gallery to your listing, follow these steps:

  1. From the Person’s profile, select My Listings > Active & Pending on the left (see below).
  2. Locate the listing you want to add a photo gallery to and select the Edit pencil icon (see below).
  3. Select Photo Gallery at the top (see below).
  4. Select the camera icon for Upload multiple photos (see below).

    1. NOTE: You can import images in JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG format smaller than 10MB in size.
  5. Select the images you want to include in your photo gallery and upload them (see below).
  6. Once your images loaded, your photo gallery is created and saved to the listing automatically.
    1. NOTE: The photo gallery is automatically saved to the listing, but not displayed to the public. In order to display the photo gallery, you must click the blue Publish button in the top right.
  7. You can set a different main image for your listing by selecting a photo and clicking Swap Main Image (see below).
  8. To add a caption for a photo, click the photo and add the comments at the top (see below).

    1. To add comments to the next photo, click the arrow on the top right (see below, circled in red).
    2. To exit out of editing the photos, click the “x” on the top right, above the arrow (see below, circled in blue).
  9. To add a new photo gallery section, click Create Section, and type in your section name (see below).
    NOTE: There is a pre-populated list of commonly used names of sections.
  10. To move content from one section to another section, select all of the desired content (see below, circled in red), select Move To (see below, indicated by the red arrow) and choose a section (see below, circled in blue).
  11. You can have a video be the first image of your gallery while maintaining the main photo to be displayed in your listings.



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