Blog: Creating a Highlight of Your Blog Post

Did you know you can shorten your blog post when showing it in a list of other posts?  You can truncate your post to show just a sample of content on the main blog list instead of your entire blog post. This can give your list more organization, making it easier to navigate for your readers.

Note: The following steps are aimed at users who are editing an existing blog post. You can also truncate a new blog post through similar steps.

  1. Access Blog Posts in the left panel on the Admin Home screen (see below).
  2. Select the title of the post you would like to Edit (see below).
  3. Place your cursor at the end of your desired highlight section (see below).
  4. Select Insert and then select Insert Read More Tag option (see below).
  5. The Read More tag should appear in your post (see below).
  6. Click the Update button to publish your changes (see below).
  7. A Continue Reading link will appear in your post on the main blog list (see below).
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