Presentation Redesign FAQs

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the recent redesign of Moxi Present's Presentation.

Why the change?

  • Mobile-Friendly: Presentations will resize to fit any screen size, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones!
  • Same Great Content, with a Facelift: Build presentations the same way you do today, and your hard work will appear with an improved, modern design.
  • A Presentation You Helped Build: Our customers provided lots of feedback about the current version of Moxi Present, and we heard you! Your comments directly influenced our design team in creating the next generation of digital presentations.

What's Changing?

  • All of your existing & new Presentations
  • We've combined the 'Pricing Summary' & 'Estimated Pricing' pages
  • and the 'Average by Status' section of the 'Comparable Market Information' page has been added to the 'Averages of Comparables' page.

What's Staying the Same?

  • How you build your presentations doesn't change at all!
  • Both the iPad app and the print PDF do not change
  • Your custom pages won't change
  • and, all of your saved presentation profiles will still be honored!
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