Blog: Importing an Existing Blog Post

Are you already an avid blogger? Did you know you can import an existing blog post?  I DID NOT! TELL ME HOW!

NOTE: Importing an existing blog is a one-time event. Doing this will not connect future personal blog posts to display on your agent website blog.

  1. Select Blog Posts in the left panel on the Admin Home screen (see below).
  2. More blog post options will appear under Blog Posts. Select Blog Import (see below).
  3. Choose the importer that will work for you (see below).

    1. NOTE: We’ll be using WordPress as an example in the following steps.
  4. Notice the type of file you need to upload, then select Choose File to locate and upload your desired existing blog post (see below).

    1. NOTE: Follow export instructions from your personal blog to generate the file requested.
  5. Select the Upload file and import button (see below).
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