Emailing Your Presentations from the Actions Panel

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Moxi Present users, that also have Moxi Engage, have the ability to select Engage People or Groupswhen emailing their Presentations. You can access one or more emails by entering the first and last name of your person, or entering the name of your group.

Email your presentation from either the Actions panel or the Presentation screen.
Emailing from Actions Panel

  1. From the Moxi Present homepage, select Actions for the presentation you would like to email (see below, circled in red).
  2. Select Email (see below, circled in red).
  3. Begin searching for your person or group by typing at least the first three letters of the name (see below, circled in red).  
    a.NOTE: if you have multiple email addresses, select More… to view other emails (see above, indicate by the red arrow).
  4. NOTE: if you use Moxi Engage, and you email this presentation to one of your people, it will show in the activity feed of their profile (See below).


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