Search Screen: Using Specific Search Criteria

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Specific Search Criteria options are automatically populated based off of the information included on the Subject Property Screen.

  1. You can edit the following criteria:
    1. Address or Location (see below, circled in red)
    2. Minimum Price – Maximum Price (see below, circled in red)
  2. Additional criteria can be added, or changed, by selecting on the dropdown arrow to the right of Min and Max price (see below, indicated by the red arrow). Additional criteria include:
    1. Min – Max Bedrooms
    2. Min – Max Baths
    3. Min – Max Square Footage
    4. Lot Size
    5. Year Built
  3. After altering specific search criteria, select the Search button with the magnifying glass icon (see above, indicated by the blue arrow), to update the Map.
  4. Select the Comps you would like to include in your presentation.
  5. Select Continue to go to the Comps Screen.



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