Assign a CMA Presentation to an Agent

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When working with a Presentation, you may need to assign it to another agent. This could be necessary when working in a team and another agent needs to make the presentation. This will remove the presentation from your account.

Follow the steps bellow to reassign a presentation.

  1. From the Presentations home screen, select the Action button on the presentation you would like to reassign (see below).
  1. Select Assign to Agent (see below).
  1. Enter the name of the agent whom you’d like to reassign (see below, circled in red) then select Lookup Agent (see below, circled in blue).
  1. Select the agent you are assigning the presentation to (see below, indicated by the red arrow), and then select on Assign Presentation to Agent (see below, indicated by the blue arrow).

    Your presentation will automatically be assigned to the new agent and be removed from your Presentation home screen.
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