Subscriptions: Subscribe an Individual to Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News is the monthly market update email sent on your behalf to a targeted group of contacts. Neighborhood News provides people with relevant, housing market statistics and information by zip code – all branded with your contact information.


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To subscribe People to Neighborhood News, follow the below steps:

  1. Sign into Moxi WorksTM/Moxi EngageTM.
  2. Click on All People screen in the People section (see below).

  3. This brings you to the My People screen (see below).

  4. Select the person to whom you would like to subscribe Neighborhood News (see above, indicated by the red arrow). In this example, Ahmed Meyers is the client selected.
  5. This brings you to the Profile Page for the selected person (see below).
  6. Scroll down to the Subscriptions section (see below, circled in red).

  7. Click Add Subscriptions (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
    1. NOTE: If you have already added a subscription, the active subscriptions will be listed here.(see below, circled in red).

  8. This opens up the Subscriptions form (see below).

  9. Click Add Subscription button (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  10. Select the Email Address to which you would like to send Neighborhood News (see below, indicated by the red arrow).

    1. NOTE: If multiple email addresses exist in the person’s profile, a drop-down menu allows you to select which email address you wish to use.
  11. Enter the Zip Code about which you would like to send a report (see above, indicated by the blue arrow).
    1. NOTE: If a zip code is already associated with this person, it will show up when you click in the empty field (see above).
  12. Click Done (see above, indicated by the green arrow).
    1. NOTE: Once you enter a zip code, you have the option to preview the Neighborhood News report (see below).

  13. You have now subscribed an individual to Neighborhood News (see below).

    1. NOTE: The person immediately receives their first issue of Neighborhood News when you subscribe them, followed by a new email each month. To resend the current month's report, click on Send Now under the More drop down menu.
  14. Repeat steps to subscribe additional people to Neighborhood News.

You have now subscribed an individual to Neighborhood News.

Other ways to subscribe to Neighborhood News

Ways to unsubscribe users from Neighborhood News




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