Manager: Dashboard Summary

Managers can see the aggregate activity for their office through the Manager Dashboard in Moxi Engage.  The dashboard enables you to quickly ascertain an agent’s status, number of transactions in the pipeline for your office, and the percentage reached of the office GCI Goal.  Select an agent to review their progress and provide a targeted and productive coaching session.

  1. AGENT: This is a complete list of all your agents in your office and an indicator of how well they are doing.
    1. NAME: Find all of the agents in your office listed here.
    2. STATUS: Quickly ascertain your agents progress by checking the color of the dot next to their name.
      • GREEN: On track to meeting their goal
      • YELLOW: Close to being on track to meeting their goal
      • RED: Not on track to meeting their goal
      • NO COLOR: Your agent has not set a GCI goal and, therefore, not started using Moxi Engage.
  2. GOALS: Remember that Gross Commission Income (GCI) goals we asked your agents to enter? Here's where you keep track of every agents’ goal collectively.
    1. Transactions: This is the total number of transactions closed by agents in your office.
    2. Avg Size: This is the average dollar amount from agents’ closings.
    3. Avg Rate:  This is the average close rate for all agents in your office.
  3. SALES FLOW: Each Sales Flow zone is a milestone for agents’ progress toward a successful transaction. The numbers listed in each zone let you see quickly the total number of transactions being worked in your office.
    1. NOTE: Managers only see the totals for their office and not individual contacts. An agent’s sphere is only viewable by that agent.
  4. CALENDAR: You will see only your personal calendar of events, for the day, in this section. 


Learn more about reviewing each agent, view Manager: Agent Screen Summary

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