Adding Video to Your Presentation

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The combination of sight, sound, and emotion that a video provides makes it the most powerful marketing tool available. It's an excellent choice for showcasing neighborhoods, virtual home tours, client testimonials. new listings, your brokerage, and even yourself within Moxi Present presentations. Engaging your clients and prospects with video presentations is easier than you think.

  1. On the Presentation Page select Create a Custom Page (see below, indicated by the red arrow). 
  2. This will open the content editor, where you can create your page (see below, circled in red).
    1. NOTE: Editing or creating a custom page will open the rich text editor, a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content editor that allows you to enter, edit, and format content like you would in a work processor. This is the default view of the rich text editor.
    2. NOTE: You can find out what any button does by hovering over it with your mouse. A tooltip will appear describing the icon and its purpose. The rich text editor allows you to change text style, change font alignment, insert bulleted and numbered lists, and more. 
  3. To input HTML directly, select either Source (see above, circled in blue) or the Paste Embed icon (see above, circled in green). This is where you will paste the HTML code from your video source.
  4. Open another Web page and go to your video source. For this example, go to (see below).
  5. Search for the video you will like to add to your Presentation.
  6. Once you find the video scroll down and select Share (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  7. This will then open up a list of options to share, select Embed (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  8. This will provide you with an embed code (see below, circled in red).
    1. NOTE: Review the additional options to determine the best for you. Example below, the 'Show suggested videos when the video finishes' option has been deselected due to the fact that you have no control over which videos will be suggested (see below, indicated by the blue arrow).
  9. Copy the embed code.
  10. Go back to Moxi Present and the Custom Page you started creating.
  11. For this example, select Source (see below, circled in red) and paste your code. 
  12. If you want to enter text you have two options: Non-wrapped text (see below, on the left) or Wrapped text (see below, on the right).
    1. To enter Non-wrapped text click next to the video and begin typing your text.
    2. To wrap text around a video (see example above on the right), you need to add some text to your embed cord. The text is simple - align="left" or align="right" (see below, indicated by the red arrow) depending on which side of the page you would like your video to appear - and click OK. You can then start typing and adding your content around the video
  13. Once you have input all desired content into the Presentation Slide tab, select Save all (see above, indicated by the blue arrow).
    1. This saves your custom page content and adds the custom page to the list of available documents for both Moxi Present for the Web and iPad.
      1. NOTE: Since video cannot be viewed on the PDF version, this type of content does not need to be copied to PDF.



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