Organizing Your Presentation

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  1. Start by reviewing your report and onesheet options.
    1. Scroll down to view the list of options.
    2. Preview a page by selecting either the PDF or Image icon in the Preview column (see below, indicated by the red arrow). 
    3. If you want to select a specific page to be used in the presentation, check the box next to the preview button (see above, indicated by the blue arrow).
      1. NOTE: In the above example, the Cover Page has been selected. If you choose to Display the Subject Property Phtoo, you must select the box next to Display Property Photo under Options (see below, circled in blue).
  2. Once you have selected all of the reports and onesheets that you want to include, you can choose to Organize your pages by selecting the up/down arrow next to the specific page you would like to reorder (see above, indicated by the green arrow), then drag the page up or down the order. Release your mouse to drop the page in the desired location.
  3. Once you have organized your presentation order, select Create to save your onehseet preferences (see below). This will allow you to apply the same organization of reports and onesheets to future Presentations.

    1. A pop-up box will prompt you to give the report profile a name (see below, circled in red).
  4. Select Save (see above, circled in blue).

If you don't want to create a Custom Page or Upload a PDF, then you are ready to Preview, Print, Email or Present your Presentation. To do so, select one of the options (see below) or continue to the next page to learn how to Create a Custom Page or Upload a PDF.

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