Buyer Subject Property Screen Overview

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The Buyer Subject Property Overview provides you with a place to add features you are looking for within a property when creating your subject property.

  1. PRESENTATION INFORMATION: This header includes the title and subject property information for the current presentation.
  2. PRESENTATION CREATED FOR: Title of Presentation
  3. SUBJECT PROPERTY PHOTOGRAPH: Update or change the subject property photograph here.
  4. LISTING MLS#: If the subject property has an MLS listing number, it can be used to populate information in the fields on this page.
  5. LOCATION or ZIP Code: Enter the subject property information manually in these fields.
  6. HELP: Links you to the Support Page with access to all Help Docs and short Tutorial Videos for Moxi Present.
  7. ACTIONS: Access different actions from this button.
  8. REMARKS: If copying data from the MLS listing, this field will be populated with the listing remarks. If manually entering information you can add remarks to what you are looking for within a property.
  9. INRIX DRIVE TIME: You can use Inrix Drive Time to find properties around a specific location by entering the address in the Client Commute Address field (see below).
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