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You can now have clients sign up for Neighborhood News through your Agent Website or other personal site. Follow the steps below on how to generate a Neighborhood News Sign Up link.

  1. Go to your settings drop down menu (see below, indicated by the red arrow) and select Moxi Engage Preferences (see below, circled in blue).
  1. From the Preferences page select Neighborhood News (see below, indicated by the red arrow) then select Generate URL (see below, indicated by the blue arrow).
  1. Once the URL generates, select Copy to copy the link.
  1. Follow the instructions on the screen (see, above circled in blue)

You have now generated a URL link for your clients to sign up for Neighborhood News.

NOTE: We use browser cookies to enhance the user experience. If, someone accessing this link has already accessed neighborhood news, or has been subscribed to neighborhood news, this link will show the whole report. If they have not, this will take them to the sign up sheet and provide a new lead to the agent (in Engage). 

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