Teams: Adding Team Members to your Agent Website

If you are part of a broker or agent team, and you would like your team members represented on your website, you may add them on the My Team screen. After you add your team members to this page, you can create Profile pages with their roster information and social media profiles, as well as Properties pages with their listing information, and change your website type to a Team Website.

Adding Team Members

  1. Select My Team from the left hand navigation on your Agent Website Admin Home (see below, indicated by red arrow).
  2. Search for your team members by entering in their first and last name and selecting find (see above, circled in red and indicated by blue arrow).
  3. Select ‘Add as Team Member’ next to the name of the person you would like to add (see below, indicated by red arrow).
  4. Include any social media links for your team members and select update.
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