Saving Custom Content

Custom content can be found in the word editor sections of your Homepage.  These editors allow you to add media, HTML code, and text you wish to include on your site. When moving from an older theme to the new, mobile friendly, Contemporary theme, be sure to save this information so you can re-add it to your new Homepage.

  1. From the Homepage, select the Source button
  2. Highlight and copy everything you see in the screen
  3. Open Notepad, or other word editor program on your computer
    1. NOTE: Notepad won’t add anything to your code, whereas WORD may.
  4. Paste your custom content.
    1. NOTE: Your text may appear on one line.
  5. Save your document.
  6. Follow the steps on Personalizing Your Sites Style to select your new theme.
  7. See steps 1:f and 1:j, in the help article Editing Your Homepage, to determine where your custom content can be added to the rich text editor.
  8. Copy your content from your Notepad document
  9. Click Source on the new rich text editor
  10. Paste your content
  11. Click Source again. You will see your previously created custom content.
  12. Click Publish.
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