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Comments are an important aspect of blogging on your Agent website.  Comments allow your site visitors to respond to your blog posts with questions, feedback, and allowing discussions between you and other visitors.
Depending on how you Managed your Settings, comments must be approved before they appear on your site. 

To manage your comments, select Comments from the side navigation of your agent website admin home screen (see below).

  1. The comment section allows you to read, reply, edit, and approve each comment.
    1. Approve/Unapprove: Allows comments to be visible on your blog.
    2. Reply: Add your own comments in response and they will appear below the original comments on your blog.
    3. Quick Edit/Edit: Online etiquette disapproves of heavily editing comments. If multiple edits are required, it’s better to unapprove the comment or remove it entirely.
    4. History: View all of the comments made by the specific user.
    5. Spam: This moves the comment into the spam folder. You can access these comments again at any time by selecting the ‘Click for Spam’ button at the top of the screen.
    6. Trash: This moves the comment into the trash folder. You can access these comments again by selecting the Trash link at the top of the screen.
      1. NOTE: Removing comments from the Trash screen will delete them permanently.
    7. Bulk Actions: Select multiple comments for approval, spam, or trash.
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