Roster Admin: Adding People

Add new agents or brokerage employees, manage their roles, and determine which products they can access.

  1. From the Manage Company screen, click on the Plus icon (see below).
  2. Select the People icon (see below)
  3. Select the Region and Office where this person is located, and click Next (see below).
  4. Page one - Main Info:
    1. Choose the MLS from the drop-down menu and enter the agent’s MLS ID.
    2. Select if this person is ready to be visible online and in the Directory.
    3. Include the agent’s first and last name.
    4. Create a username.
    5. Create a  password.
      1. If the toggle switch is green, the system will send the agent an email to set their own password, once the account has been created (See above). 
      2. If the toggle switch is red, the admin will enter the new agent's password. (See below) 
    1. Click Next
  1. Page two - Assign Products:
    1. Select all the products this person should be able to access.
    2. Click Next
  2. Page three – Set Emails:
    1. The Primary email is publicly displayed
    2. Backup Email must be different from the Primary.
    3. The Moxi Engage Sync Email can be the same as your Primary.
    4. Click Create
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