Mailing Labels: Print Mailing Labels from Moxi Engage with

Did you know that you can use third party tools like the Avery website to create and print your mailing labels?  Export any of your lists from Moxi Engage and use the Avery Design & Print Online wizard to complete your mailing and shipping needs.

Print Mailing Labels from Moxi Engage with 

Exporting Mailing Labels

  1. From the My People screen in Moxi Engage, select For Mailing Labels from the Export drop down menu (see below).
  2. Choose which group(s) you would like to export and click Done (see below).
    1. NOTE: In this example, the custom group named MailerGroup has been selected.
  3. Click Export (see below).

Print with Avery Design & Print Online wizard

  1. Sign into your free Avery account at and select Address & Shipping from the homepage (see below).
  2. Do a Quick Search for the Avery product you wish to print (e.g. Labels 5160)(see below).
  3. Select your labels from the list (see above).
  4. Select a template style (e.g. Blank & Text Only) (see below).
  5. From the customize screen, click in the text box (see below, circled in red).
  6. Select Import Data (Mail Merge) on the left of the screen (see above, circled in blue).
  7. Click Start Mail Merge (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  8. Browse for the file you exported from Moxi Engage (see below).
  9. Confirm your list and click Next (see below).
  10. Drag & Drop! the fields you want included on the label (see below).
  11. Click Complete Merge (see above, indicated by red arrow).
  12. Click Preview & Print (see below).
  13. Chose to print it yourself or order prints from Avery (see below).
    1. NOTE: Costs may apply for using print services from Avery.




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