Hub Summary

The Brokerage Hub is the central technology backbone that connects your entire brokerage. It’s the intranet your agents can go to and access everything they need to run their businesses.

  1. MOXIWORKS: This is where you brokerage logo is displayed.
  2. MOXIBAR: This is a universal navigation bar that is displayed through the entire suite.
    1. Home: Brings you back to the Hub homepage
    2. Engage: Directs you to Moxi Engage
    3. Present: Directs you to Moxi Present
    4. Directory: Directs you to your brokerage directory, which displays all personnel, offices, and regions
    5. Email: Directs you to your email connected to Moxi Works
    6. Documents: Directs you to your brokerage Document Management System (DMS) where every document is organized in one central location
      • NOTE: Your navigation bar may vary from the image above as this can be customized per brokerage.
  3. ELAINE STEPHENS: This is the user’s name, which, when clicked on, allows the signed in user to go to the following sections:
    1. My Account: Directs the user to Account Manager, where they can update their contact info
    2. Other Products: Directs a user with admin privileges or users with other products to other areas
    3. Sign Out: Allows users to sign out
  4. SEARCH: This is a universal search that allows you to enter a search term and see a list of all relevant documents, presentations, marketing pages, and client information.
  5. YOUR BROKERAGE PRODUCTIVITY HUB: This is the content you choose to create and display on your version of the Brokerage Hub.
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