Introduction for Managers

Your Role

As a manager you wear many hats, but the most critical is helping your agents be successful. When they succeed you succeed. One of the most powerful ways to accomplish this is to get your agents to use a productivity system that both provides them a sales discipline, and provides you information about their activity so you can coach and mentor them. It all starts with their adoption and THAT starts with you and your communications. Don’t worry, we provide all the materials you’ll need. We’re good like that.


Setting Expectations Drives Acceptance & Use

Research has shown that setting positive expectations in four key areas greatly increases people’s acceptance and use of technology. With everything you say and do to encourage your agents to adopt and use the productivity system, they should perceive:

  • High Value – Saves me time, helps make me more money
  • Easy to Start – Training and help materials are at the ready
  • Easy to Use – Accomplishing tasks is fast and easy
  • What Others Will Think – I’ll be seen as professional and progressive

We’ve organized everything to help you build these perceptions. There are specific materials for agents and for you, their manager. Everything you’ll need is available right from this page.

The process starts with explaining WHY agents should focus their efforts on a sphere-based selling approach and use integrated tools designed to support that approach and maximize their productivity. This shows the high value they’ll receive. Then we showcase WHAT it actually involves across the various tools. This shows how easy it is to use the tools and win over their clients. Lastly we provide materials that help them learn HOW to use the tools. This shows it’s easy to get started. We call this the WHY WHAT HOW process and its super powerful.


Let’s Get You Started

Just work your way through these links. Everything is in the order you need it. Enjoy!

  1. Grow Your Agents with Their Sphere of Influence – Focus them on their sphere and coach them based on their goals using an integrated platform.
  2. Sphere + Integrated Tools = Easier Recruiting – Making agents productive, using a CRM integrated with proven sales strategy that focuses them on their people and not technology, attracts agents naturally.
  3. How to Coach Your Agents – Utilize their CRM and your manager dashboard to manage their activity and grow their business.
  4. Matthew Ferrara Discusses Moxi Works – Creating fantastic outcomes for agents and their clients.
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