Moxi Present Reporting

The Reports section gives you full visibility into your agents’ production.  You can select from User, Activity, or Monthly reports.  Each provides a different snapshot of activity for your brokerage.

Download PDF here.

To access the Reports section:

  1. Select Presentation Reports from the dropdown menu (see below).
  2. Select Reports from the left column (see below).


User Reports

Select User Report to view a snapshot of your top 25 producers.

  1. Use the Actions button to export a CSV file of all active and invited agents, or export a CSV file of invited agents only to focus your adoption efforts.

Activity Reports

Select Activity Report to view a snapshot of production within the last three months, and Seller vs. Buyer production over time.

  1. Use the Actions button to export a CSV file of all production activity within a specified time frame of your choice.


Monthly Reports

Select Monthly Report to get a comprehensive look at your designated areas for the previous and current months.

  1. Use the View Full Report button to generate a PDF of the last full month of information.
  2. View previous monthly reports by selecting the month (in current year) or previous year links.
  3. Turn on/off Email Options.  The monthly Company Report email provides a snapshot of the most current month.  To receive the email this option should be turned on.
  4.  Change your level of view by Region and/or office.
    1. NOTE: This view may differ between brokerages and your permission level.
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