Estimate Screen Summary

Preparing Seller’s Net Proceeds

  1. To get to the Estimate Screen tap Estimate in the navigation menu (see below, circled in red).
  2. Enter the following information (all fields are optional) to add an estimate and arrive at your net proceeds: 
    1. Approximated Market Value
    2. Remarks
    3. Estimated Selling Price (value is used to calculate net proceeds)
    4. Mortgage Payoffs
    5. Brokerage Fees
    6. Settlement Costs
    7. Settlement Costs (State and City/County Tax)
    8. Other Costs and Extra Costs
    9. Custom Costs
      1. NOTE: The numbers on the side update as you add more information:
        1. Comparables Average: This estimate is based on the subject property’s square feet multiplied by the cost per square foot of all included properties.
        2. Seller’s Net Summary: The estimated selling price minus the estimated seller costs produces the estimated net proceeds.
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