Manager: Agent Screen Summary

Through Moxi Works/Moxi Engage, a manager can see the aggregate activity for their office. The Manager Dashboard enables the manager to quickly ascertain an agent’s productivity, giving the manager the ability to have targeted and productive coaching sessions with each of their agents.

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  1. OVERVIEW:  This provides managers with a high-level view of how an agent is doing.
    1. Dawn McLellan: This displays the name of the agent you are currently viewing.
    2. Red: The color status indicates whether or not your agent is on track to meeting their goal.
      • NOTE: There are a few coaching tips and goals underneath the color status to help you coach your agents to meeting their GCI goals.
    3. ALL NOTES: You can view past notes, edit notes, or add new notes to help you remember previous conversations with your agent.
  2. CURRENT STATS: This provides managers with the real-time stats for the selected agent.
    1. Dawn McLellan – 6/10/15: This displays the agent’s name and today’s date.
    2. Save Stats: You can take a snapshot of your agent’s current stats to compare at a later date.
    3. GCI Goal: View your agent’s GCI goal section.
      • NOTE: Managers can click on the GCI goal to view more details.
    4. Sales Flow: View your agent’s Sales Flow.
    5. People: View your agent’s People section.
      • NOTE: Managers will not be able to see people’s contact information.
  3. SAVED STATS: This provides managers with previously saved stats.
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