Transactions: Creating a Non-MLS Transaction in Moxi Engage

Your business sometimes takes you outside the realm of your MLS. Make sure your pocket listings and off-market work counts toward your annual GCI goal by creating a non-MLS transaction in Moxi Engage.

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To create a non-MLS transaction, follow the bellow steps:

  1. Click on All People in the People section (see below).
  2. This brings you to My People screen (see below).
  3. Select the person you would like to add a non-MLS transaction to. In this example, Bruce Young is selected (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  4. This brings you to the Profile Page for the selected person (see below).
  5. Click MAKE THIS PERSON A PROSPECT to start a transaction (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  6. Select Buyer or Seller (see below indicated by the red arrow).
  7. Click on Non-MLS (see below, indicated by the blue arrow).
  8. Enter transaction information.
    1. NOTE:  A start and close date is required before you close the transaction.  This also gives a more accurate average time to close statistic.
  9. Click Done at the bottom of the screen.
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