Uploading a PDF to a Presentation

Many of your marketing materials come in PDF form already, such as real estate statistics, flyers or personalized pages. You can upload your own PDFs directly to Moxi Present for the Web to add them to the list of available presentation content.

  1. To upload a PDF, go to the Pages Screen (see below).
  2. Select the Add Page button (see below).
  3. From the options, select Create New.
  4. You will be prompted to select a Custom Page Layout. Select the first option (see below).
  5. Click Create.
  6. Select the Actions button in the top right (see below) and select Upload PDF.
  7. Choose a PDF file and upload it (see below).

    1. NOTE: You can only upload one document at a time. The amount of pages in the PDF document cannot exceed 10 pages in length.
  8. Switch to the Web/Print version and Copy the content from the other presentation version (see below).
  9. Select Save to finish creating the custom page (see below).

    1. NOTE: The name of your PDF file will be the name of your uploaded PDF page.


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