Creating Presentation Profiles Using the Presentation Admin

Presentation Profiles allow you to make presentations for your agents. Use this feature to save your agents time and energy.

  1. Click Presentation Profiles (see below, indicated by red arrow)
  2. Click +Create Presentation Profile (see below, indicated by green arrow)
  3. Title your profile (see below, circled in red).
  4. Select Target audience, either Buyer, Seller, or Both (see below, indicated by red arrow).
  5. Select the Report Pages and Onesheets to include, and organize them how you would like (see below, indicated by green arrow).
  6. Submit to save your Presentation Profile (see below, circled in green).

What do Agents See?

All your work in the marketing library saves your agents time and energy. They now have brand assets at their fingertips to use in their Moxi Present/TouchCMA presentations (see below).

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