Creating a New Top Level Page

A Top Level Page is a new page within your Intranet. These pages are hidden from your navigation bar, but can be shared using a unique URL. (NOTE: Since Top Level Pages are hidden, use them to test or preview content before sharing the URLs with users.

A Top Level Page also allows you to create content within a specific, shortened Web address of its own, such as


To begin creating a New Top Level Page:

  1. Once signed into the Intranet, click on the New Top Level Page button (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  2. Select whether you want this Top Page to be an internal page or a link:
    1. Internal Page: Create a page within the Intranet to display company content.
      1. Continue on to learn How to Create an Internal Page.
    2. Link: Add a Navigation Block to the Intranet that directs users to an external Website or another location within the Intranet.
      1. Continue on to learn How to Create a Link.

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