Tasks: Add a Task in Moxi Engage

Each Sales Flow zone includes a set of tasks. These tasks differ from zone to zone and from Buyer to Seller. Mark tasks as complete, create new tasks, schedule tasks to complete at a later date, and assign tasks to be completed by another person.  You may need to add tasks unique to your transaction. 

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To add a task, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the person for whom you would like to create a task. In this example, client Ahmed Meyers is selected (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  2. This opens your client’s profile card and task list (see below).
  3. Click Add Task (see above, indicated by red arrow).
  4. Add task information (see below).
    1. Task Name: This is the title that will show in your task list (see above, circled in red).
    2. Description (optional): Any additional information regarding your task (see above, circled in blue).
    3. Duration: Choose the length of time this task should take (see above, circled in green).
    4. Due date: Provide a due date for your task (see above, circled in purple).
    5. Click Done (see above, indicated by red arrow).


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