Moxi Engage Overview Screen Summary

The Overview provides a quick and easy view of recommended tasks, new contacts, and a summary of your Sales Flow.

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The Overview displays the following information (see above, circled in red):

  1. DATABASE COUNT: This number reflects how many people are in your sphere. This number also includes anyone who has been removed from the Sales Flow.
    1. NOTE: Click on View full list to see your database (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  2. SALES FLOW: View the number of transactions within each zone of the Sales Flow.
  3. ADD PEOPLE: Click to add a new person to your sphere.
  4. RECENTLY VIEWED: Access the eight profiles you viewed most recently.
  5. RECOMMENDED ACTIONS:  The system recommends steps you can take to maintain your sphere, such as sending someone a new subscription. Click on Create Subscription (see above, indicated by the blue arrow) to complete this task or Skip to see a new recommended action (see above, indicated by the green arrow).
  6. NEW: This section displays new additions to Moxi Works/Moxi Engage.
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