Calendar Module Summary for Moxi Engage

The Calendar in Moxi Engage helps you sync all the important events in your life.  You can schedule events from any device, and your Calendar will sync. You won’t miss another event.
NOTE: In order for your Moxi Engage Calendar to sync to all of your devices, your devices must be connected to Exchange Email.

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Adding a new Calendar Event


  1. CALENDAR: Select the day and month you want to view.
  2. DATE LIST: Today’s date, or the date selected will be at the top of the list.
    1. NOTE: Click on the Today button to bring the current date automatically to the top.
  3. ADD: Click the plus icon to add a new event to your calendar.  View >>> to learn more about adding a new event.
  4. SHOW: Select the additional calendar events you would like to see.



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