Admin Bar Overview

When logged into your Admin Tool, you will see the Admin Bar (see below). You will also see the Admin Bar when you are logged into the Admin Tool and viewing your public site.

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The Admin Tool Bar (which can be found at the top of your screen as shown above) is designed with a several default shortcuts:

  1. VISIT SITE: You can view the public view of your website.  This shortcut will change to read Admin Home when viewing your public site and will bring you back to the Admin Tool.
  2. + NEW: Add a new Page, Blog Post, or Media.
  3. COMMENT BUBBLE:  Approve comments on your Blog Posts.
  4. APPEARANCE: Customize your site’s style.
  5. HOME PAGE: Change content on your sites Home Page.
  6. SEARCH ENGINES BLOCKED: Change settings allowing search engines to index (which allow visitors to search for your website) your website.

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