My People Screen Summary in Moxi Engage

Your People are your sphere of influence in Moxi Works/Moxi Engage. People are automatically assigned to the Marketing zone of the Sales Flow upon the first upload of your database or when you enter a new person.

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My People Screen

On the My People screen you can sort your people by clicking on any of the Filter options on the left, Manage your Groups, Add People, and Export Groups.

  1. FIND PEOPLE: Locate anyone in your list.
  2. FILTERS: Narrow the view of your People by clicking on any of the sections under Sales Flow, Categories, Groups, and or Subscriptions. 
    1. NOTE: You can select more than one Filter option at a time.
  3. PEOPLE LIST: All your people are displayed unless a filter(s) has been applied.
  4. ADD PEOPLE: Adds new people into the Marketing zone.
  5. CLEAR FILTERS: Returns you to your full list of people.
  6. EXPORT: Export to .csv file from Categories, Subscriptions, and or Groups.
  7. SORT: Chose to view your People alphabetically by First name or Last name.
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