Transactions: Moving Your Person, and Their Transactions, Through the Sales Flow

Each Sales Flow zone is a milestone for an individual person’s progress towards a successful transaction.  Mark tasks as complete, add your own custom tasks, and take notes. As you continue to complete tasks, move your person's transaction through the zones of the Sales Flow.

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To move your person, and their transaction through the sales flow, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into Moxi WorksTM / Moxi EngageTM .
  2. Click on All People in the People section (see below).
  3. This brings you to My People screen (see below).
  4. Select the person you would like to move through the Sales Flow. In this example, client Ahmed Meyers is selected (see above, indicated by the red arrow).
  5. This opens up your client’s Profile Page (see below).
  6. Decide which zone to move your client to. In this example, my client currently is in the Marketing Zone.
    1. NOTE: Make sure to complete all tasks in each zone as each zone will have different tasks.
    2. Marketing: Every person represents a prospective transaction. The Marketing zone is populated with people you want to target with the goal of persuading them to work with you. When do you move a person to the Prospect Zone?  Read the below example to give you an idea.
      1. EXAMPLE: You have been marketing to someone for the last year. After all your efforts, this person is ready to talk to you. This means you can make sure that the tasks are complete and move them from Marketing to Prospect.
    3. Prospect: Move people into this zone if they expressed interest in working with you, and their prospective transaction could develop within the next 12 months.
      1. NOTE: Once you have moved your client to the new zone, make sure to add all the transaction information you may have.
      2. EXAMPLE: In this example, your client is a buyer and has been in Prospect for a few months. After completing your Prospect tasks and coaching your client, while sending them reports on their area of interest, they have agreed to work with you and are ready to go look at homes. You can now move your client from Prospects to Active.
    4. Active: When a person with a prospective transaction agrees to have you represent them, move them to Active.
      1. EXAMPLE: After a few evenings showing homes, your client finally found their dream home and is ready to write an offer. Using your tasks in this zone will help you stay on track so you don’t miss a step. You then write an offer for your client and can now move your client from Active to Pending.
    5. Pending: Move people to Pending when they have a pending transaction, having reached and accepted a mutual offer on a home, and are moving towards a closing. The tasks associated to this zone will help you stay organized and remind you of the final steps of this transaction.
  7. Move your client to a zone by clicking on the zone’s title in the Sales Flow (see below, indicated by red arrow). Or, if moving to a consecutive zone, click on the green button at the top of the task list (see below, indicated by the blue arrow). In this example, the person is moved to Prospect.
  8. Enter transaction information (see below).
    1. NOTE: Even though this client was moved into Prospect, transaction information is needed to track statistics used for your Goals figures.
  9. Choose whether this is a Buyer or Seller transaction (see above, indicated by the red arrows). For this example, a Buyer transaction was selected.
    1. NOTE: This is a required field.
  10. Complete the corresponding blank fields that appear on the form (see below).
    1. NOTE All fields highlighted in red are a required filed, you cannot add a transaction without this information.
      1. Area of Interest: Enter the area or zip code in which your client has expressed an interest.
      2. Target Price: Enter your client’s desired price. This can either be a single number or a range.
    2. Click Done (see above, indicated by the red arrow).

You have now moved a client from Marketing to Prospect. To continue moving your client through all the zones repeat steps 7-11 above. To learn more about tasks; read the help doc Working with Tasks or watch the video.

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