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INRIX Drive Time™

Customize the search criteria with your clients work address, time of day they commute, and maximum amount of time they want to spend driving to and from work; the results will show only properties within the preferred drive time.

Follow the steps below to search using INRIX Driver Time™

  1. Select Drivetime Search (see below, indicated by the red box).
  2. Enter the address your client would like to commute to/from in the search box (see below, circled in blue).
  3. You can choose to enter:
    1. To/From
    2. Arrival time
    3. How many minutes to spend in traffic
    4. Avoid Ferries
  4. Select Search to update the Map (indicated by the green arrow).
    1. NOTE: An orange boundary will appear on the map showing the properties within the preferred drive time.

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