Navigating the Homepage

Create, edit, sort, and present all of your Presentations from the Homepage. 

  1. START A NEW PRESENTATION: Create either a Seller or Buyer Presentation.
  2. SYNCH: Tap here if you do not see a Presentation that was created using the web-based version of the software.
  3. ARCHIVE: Tap here to access all of the presentations you have previously removed from the Homepage, but did not delete.
  4. SORT: Change the order of your presentations from Date Modified to Date Created, Name, or Zip Code.
  5. EDIT: Tapping this button with bring you to the Subject Property page where you can access any portion of your Presentation you wish to update.
  6. ACTIONS: Tap here to access additional options for each Presentation including Archiving, Deleting, Emailing, and adding a Co-Presenting agent.
  7. HELP: Tap here to access tutorials and our Tech Support team.
  8. WHAT’S NEW: Tap here to learn about software improvements and new features.
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