Presentation Admin Overview


Let’s take a tour of the Present Admin Portal where you can create Onesheets, Company Templates, and Change the name of Report Pages. Check out the instructions below to learn about the Present Admin Screen.  




Present Admin Overview


  1. To get to the Presentation Admin screen, select the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  1. The first screen you will see is Templates. Here you can create company level templates that can be seen by as many agents as you permit.
  1. To create a new template, select the Create New button in the top right corner. (See below)

  1. Each one your Templates can be set to have permissions or be duplicated so you don’t have to re-create templates if you only need a few changes. (See below).

  2. The next section is the Pages Tab. This is where you can create Onesheets and marketing materials.
    1. Create a new folder for your pages, such as: Marketing, Office, and Brokerage Pages.
    2. Create new pages by either uploading PDFs or Creating new pages.
    3. Set permissions for your pages to make sure the right people see exactly what you want them too.

  3. Creating a new page will use the same process as creating custom pages for Agents. Add images, Videos, or links for all your Agents to see.

  4. On the last tab you can change the names of the Report Pages that are generated with each presentation!


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