Folder Options

Once you have created folders, you can modify them with several options.


  1. Once you have created a folder (see below) you can:

    1. Download as Zip: Download the entire folder and its contents in a compressed zip file to your computer.
    2. View Details: View the date the folder was last modified and the folder creator.
    3. Edit Properties: Edit the folder name, title, and/or folder description as well as add tags.
    4. More: Expand to view additional folder options.
  2. If you select More, you can:

    1. Copy to: Copy the folder and its content, and move it to the location of your choice.
    2. Move to: Move the folder and its content to another location.
    3. Manage Rules: Create, apply, and manage rules for the folder.
    4. Delete Folder: Permanently delete the folder and its contents from DMS.
    5. Manage Permissions: Set the permissions for who can view the folder. You can set permissions by role, region, office, etc.
    6. Manage Aspects: Set options for allowable actions for the Folder (ex. make it taggable, templatable, summarizable).

You have now learned how to manage the DMS. To learn more about the DMS, please review the help documents Managing the Intranet or Managing Permissions.

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