Creating a New Folder

Use the DMS to create New Folders to categorize content. You can group related documents together within folders as well as subfolders to organize your documents for your brokerage.


  1. Once signed into the DMS, click New Folder (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  2. A pop-up box will appear (see below). Complete the following information:

    1. Name: This is the only required field and is the name of the folder (see above, highlighted in yellow).
    2. Title: This secondary name is optional and can provide additional space for your folder nomenclature. If the title matches the chosen folder name, only the fold name will be displayed.
    3. Description: Describe the contents of the folder (see above, circled in green).
  3. Once you have added the details, click Save (see above, indicated by the red arrow).

You have now created a new folder.

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