How can I use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my agent site?

Before you get started, we recommend reading this beginner's guide: It's a long read, but well worth your time.

If you want to be relevant for search keyword search (ex - "john smith real estate"), you have to have quality and relevant content on your site that is about that keyword. That means making use of tools on your agent site like the blog. You may want to consider updating the description or other text on your site.

Search engines need HTML text with the relevant keywords in order for them to associate you with the types of keywords you want to be associated with.

Example: let's say you work in a Seattle office and someone searches "seattle real estate", and result of your offices agent roster would not be an acceptable result. The offices listings would be. Because if I'm searching for real estate, I'm not looking for people.

With that in mind:

First: Make sure that whatever text you include on your site is relevant to the searches people are most likely to perform.

Second: Make sure that page titles are as descriptive as possible. Ex.: "John Smith, Seattle Real Estate"

Try to think about what people are most likely going to search on to find your site. Or even searches that you hope your site shows up in! In short: match your page content to a person's search intent. If people are looking for an agent, your bio is a great result. If people are looking for real estate in your area then your available listings is the right result.

Third: Use the blog feature to write short articles about topics for which you want to shop up. So if you work primarily in Belltown and focus on condos, write blog posts about condos in Belltown, why prices are changing, what the future looks like for the area, construction changes that will affect commutes, etc.

Finally: Make sure to link to your site from all of your social media account profiles. Anywhere you have an online presence, your website should be included in your info.

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