Editing My Bio Profile Settings

Site visitors should know who you are and how to contact you! Keep your bio up to date with “My Bio Profile Settings.

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To edit your bio, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Agent Website.
  2. Select the About Me button on the Admin Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen (see below, indicated by the red arrow).
  3. This brings you to the About Me Settings screen (see below).
  4. Scroll down past the Social Media Settings section to the My Bio Profile Settings (see above, indicated by the red circle).
  5. Here you can update:
    1. PROFILE IMAGE: This photograph will display on your Homepage.
    2. NAME: Your name as it appears on your Homepage.
    3. TITLE: Enter the title you wish to appear on your Homepage.
    4. OFFICE NAME: This is the name of the Office you are associated with.
    5. OFFICE PHONE NUMBER: Enter the main number of your associated office.
    6. DIRECT PHONE NUMBER: Enter your main contact phone number.
    7. FAX PHONE NUMBER: Enter your preferred fax number.
    8. EMAIL: Enter your preferred contact email.
    9. ZILLOW REVIEWS: Click this link to add your Zillow email address and turn on Zillow Reviews.
  6. After you are done making changes, click Save Profile.
    1. NOTE: If you are adding social media links and updating your bio at the same time, be sure to click Save Media to save to social media links and Save Profile to save the bio information. Clicking one will not save screen changes.
    2. NOTE: The contact information changes you make on this screen will only appear on the My Bio Page and not on the homepage. To edit the homepage contact information, go to the homepage section of the Admin Navigation Menu.
    3. NOTE: You can change the "More About Me" title on your website by selecting Edit on My Bio site page. 

You have now updated your bio profile for your Website.

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