Editing Your Homepage


First impressions are the most important! Using your Agent Website’s mobile-friendly design, high-resolution images, and custom fields, make sure your first impression turn your site visitors into new leads and repeat clients.

To customize your Website homepage, follow these steps:

  1. From the Admin Tool, select the Homepage button on the left side of the screen (see below, indicated by the red arrow). 
  2. Each layout will make the editing options slightly different. Example below is using the Search Focused layout.
    1. HOMEPAGE NAME:  Change this name to what you wish the public to see.
    2. BACKGROUND IMAGE: Use the Upload or Choose an Image button to select an image that best reflects the style that represents you best.  Use the pixel dimensions (highlighted in yellow above) to determine image size.
      1. NOTE: When using your own image, instead of images from the provided library, you must confirm that you either own the copyright to the photo (i.e. you took the photo yourself), or you have written permission from the copyright owner to use the photo for commercial purposes online, as required by Terms of Use.
      2. Choose Black or White as the color of your Headline under Text Color.
      3. Adjust the contrast of your background image by setting the Background Effect to Darken, Lighten, or None.
    3. SEARCH BAR TEXT:  Add the two lines of text that will be visible as people scroll down your homepage (see search bar example below).
    4. HEADLINE: Select the statement that will be front and center on your homepage.
    5. PROFILE SETTINGS: Your contact information, and agent image, will automatically be included from the details in your account. You can alter this to whatever you would like the public to see.
    6. WELCOME TEXT: Use the rich text editor to create messaging directed at your public.
    7. FEATURE PROPERTIES MODULE: Select the property list you would like promoted on the homepage. You can also change the title of this section.
    8. BLOG MODULE: Choose a category of blog posts you would like to appear on your homepage. The title of this section can also be altered to match the topic of your posts.
    9. LINKS MODULE: Create links to pages within your own website, or to other websites, and have them show on your homepage by selecting the appropriate link category.
    10. FEAUTERED VIDEO: As with the Welcome Text module above, you can use the rich text editor to create additional messaging for the public, including adding a video.
    11. MORTGAGE RATE SETTINGS: Select if you wish to have this module be visible on your homepage.
    12. PUBLISH: Once you are done customizing your homepage click Publish.


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