Moxi Engage Dashboard Screen Summary

Moxi Works / Moxi Engage is a productivity system for agents and brokers. Organized around the people in an agent’s sphere, it provides the tools and insight necessary to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing through transactions. It guides agents and brokers to do the right tasks at the right times, leading to greater productivity and revenue.

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  1. SUB-NAVIGATION BAR:  This allows you to navigate to any screen within Moxi Engage.
    1. If someone has manager access they will be able to switch between their agent and manger dashboards using the dashboard drop down menu.
  2. FIND PEOPLE: The search field within the Sub-Navigation bar  allows you to find any of your people by typing in a name.
  3. SETTINGS (GEAR ICON): Here you can find the following options:
    1. Switch to Manager Dashboard:
      1. NOTE: You can only switch to Manager Dashboard if you have the appropriate permissions. If you feel you should have this option, contact Tech Support.
        1. Tour: This allows you to view the tour for the page you are currently viewing.
        2. Get Started Video: This allows you to view the Getting Started Video.
        3. Help Docs/Videos: This is the full tutorial library for all help docs and videos for Moxi Works/Moxi Engage.
        4. Got Feedback?: Provide feedback about Moxi Works/Moxi Engage to our team.
  4. CALENDAR: The Calendar in Moxi Works/Moxi Engage helps you sync all the important events in your life.
    1. NOTE: In order for your Calendar to sync to all of your devices, your devices must be connected to your company email. If you need assistance connecting your devices, contact Tech Support.
  5. GOALS: Remember that Gross Commission Income (GCI) goal we asked you to enter? Here's where you keep track of it and all the key metrics that can help you stay on track to meeting it.
    1. Percentage:  This is the current percentage of progress toward your GCI goal.
    2. Transactions: This is the total number of transactions you have closed, which count toward your GCI goal.
    3. Avg Size: This is the average dollar amount from your closings, which are counted toward your GCI goal.
    4. Avg Rate:  This is the average rate at which you close transactions. This average is used to inform your GCI goal.
  6. SALES FLOW: Each Sales Flow zone is a milestone for an individual person’s progress toward a successful transaction. Different tasks are assigned automatically within each zone.
    1. Marketing: Every person represents a prospective transaction. Marketing is populated with people you want to target with the goal of persuading them to work with you.
    2. Prospect: Move people into Prospect if they expressed interest in working with you, and their prospective transaction could develop within the next 12 months.
    3. Active: When a person with a prospective transaction agrees to have you represent them, move them to Active.
    4. Pending: People are moved to Pending when they have a pending transaction, having reached and accepted a mutual offer on a home, and are moving toward closing.
  7. PEOPLE: Your People are your sphere of influence in Moxi Works/Moxi Engage. People are automatically assigned to the Marketing zone of your Sales Flow upon the first upload of your database or when you enter a new person.
    1. All People: This displays the total number of people in your sphere.
    2. New: This displays the number of people who are new to your sphere.
    3. Overview: This view displays the Sales Flow, recommended actions, and your most recently viewed people.
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