Importing your Contacts into Microsoft Exchange

When migrating from one email provider to another, make sure you preserve your contacts.

NOTE: Microsoft Exchange only allows CSV files. 

If combining multiple lists, use this downloadable CSV file to organize your contacts.  Download File 

Download PDF 


Import your contacts using Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App (OWA).

  1. From the home screen, click on People (see below).
  2. Select Manage and then Import contacts from the drop down menu (see below).
  3. Select the email option where your contacts are located (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail) (see below).
    1. NOTE: Instructions will appear for how to export your contacts from the specific email option.
  4. Click Browse to navigate to where the CSV file is located on your computer (see below).
  5. Select Upload (see above).  This may take several minutes depending on the size of your contacts file.
    1. NOTE: Please keep your file size to 500 contacts so that your connection does not time out.

If the import is successful, a message will appear saying so. Click Finish to wrap up the process.



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