Navigating the Homepage

The Homepage will give you access to personalize your contact information, view all of your presentations, and create or edit presentations. Follow the overview below to gain an understanding of the different functions on the Moxi Present Homepage.

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Navigating the Homepage Overview 


  1. YOUR PHOTO: You can edit your agent bio by selecting the pencil icon in the bottom right hand corner of your profile image. 
  2. YOUR CONTACT INFO: Your contact info will display here.
  3. LOGO: Either your brokerage logo or, if your account allows personal branding, your logo will be displayed here.
  4. WHAT’S NEW: This button will open up an additional window with information about What’s New since the latest update of the software.
  5. ARCHIVE: Switch to view all archived (inactive) presentations.
  6. START A NEW PRESENTATION: Begin creating a new presentation. Select a Buyer or Seller Presentation.
  7. SORT: Sort all presentations by Date Modified, Date Created, Name, or Zip Code.
  8. In your ACTIVE PRESENTATIONS each Presentation will contain the following (see below): 
    a. Subject Property Photo.
    b. Client Name.
    c. Subject Property Address.
    d. Co-presenter.
    e. Edit.
    f. Additional action items for each presentation.
    g. Two icons indicate the type of presentation.
    h. MLS data associated with this presentation.
    i. Date last modified.
  9. HELP: Links you to the Support Page with access to all Help Docs and short Tutorial Videos for Moxi Present.
  10. CONTACT: Allows you to email our Support.
  11. BLOG: Links you to the Moxi Present Blog. 
  12. ABOUT: Links you to the About Page for Moxi Present.


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