How do I get my contacts into Exchange?

Importing contacts into Exchange requires a few steps and that the information be the exact format that Exchange requires in order for the contacts to import correctly. The instructions below will walk you through how to create a file that should import into Exchange correctly.

Before You Begin:

  1. This might be a good time to clean up your existing contacts. Like moving to a new house, it's a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you don't use.
  2. After you complete the steps below, check a few of your contacts to make sure that the information looks correct. If the bulk of their information is in the Notes field, the file you imported was formatted incorrectly.

The Steps:

  1. Download the attached file to your computer
  2. Export your contacts from your email provider in a .csv format.
  3. Open that file and copy the information from it and paste it into the Excel Template.

    Important: Do NOT change the column headers (titles), remove columns, or rearrange the column order. You must copy the information from one file into the corresponding title in the template.

  4. Save the file as a new .csv file.


Great! Now you're ready to import into Exchange!


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