How do I create a custom profile in TouchCMA?

What is a custom profile?

Think of a custom profile as a template. It lets you organize the slides you use the most often in a particular order then create a profile (template) that can be used for any future presentations you'd like.

To create a custom profile:

  1. Create a presentation in TouchCMA
  2. On the Presentation page, add/remove/reorder your slides to the configuration you prefer. You MUST make a change on this page in order to save a new profile.
  3. After making changes, click the "Create" button then enter a name for your new profile and click "Save." We recommend using a name that describes what you'll use the profile for. Examples: "Neighborhood Tour"; "My Standard"
  4. When you want to use this profile in a new presentation, create the new new one and on the Presentation page click the drop-down for report profile and select the one you want.
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