May 31st Release Notes

Release Notes 5/31/2017

This week’s release brings another set of exciting improvements! Check out the list below for information.


Moxi Engage

  • It’s finally here!! You can edit the task lists in your sales flow. The task list in your sales flow by default is created by your brokerage. While this is carefully curated, you may want to add or remove tasks to better fit your sales process. You can now create your own task lists for each section of your sales flow. To see an overview of the Task Manager click here.

  • You can edit your Task List so if there are Tasks you would like a little more time with, or if you want to change the verbiage of the tasks in your list, you can! Check out how to edit tasks by clicking here.


  • Create new tasks for your Sales Flow! If there is something you like to do for your clients throughout the sales flow that is not on the curated task list, you can now create your own tasks! Check out how to create new tasks by clicking here.

  • Get public records for the people in your sphere of influence! Save time and connect with all your people with our Moxi Insights This will give you public record data for everyone in your database.

  • If you don’t want a subscription but would still like to see the public record data for a few of your people, don’t worry! You can get public records for individual people as well! Just look in the profile card of your person!

  • When you first start using Engage, you may have noticed that everyone from your initial upload will be categorized as “New”. We have changed this so people from the initial upload will not be categorized as new, making it easier to see when you have new people!

  • In a person’s profile card, it didn’t really make sense that we were displaying the social media cards above the Uncategorized coaching bar. Now when you have an uncategorized new person you won’t see the social media profiles until they have been categorized!


Agent Websites

  • Creating a Custom Home Page has never been easier! Now when you go into “Appearances” you can get to our custom page builder to create a custom home page!


  • If you have a custom domain and you try to set that domain as primary before it is eligible, your site will have an error message! Now we have a check in place that will ensure only eligible domain names are set to primary!


Listing Management

  • You can create a duplicate of your listing! From your Listing Manager you can create a copy of the card of your listing!


  • Share the Photo Gallery of your Unpublished listings! If you have an unpublished listing you can now share the photo gallery from the listing card!

  • Add co-listing agents to your Unpublished listings! For your unpublished listings you can add co-listing agents to show whoever you are working with on this listing.




  • If you have a page you only want to share with a few users in the admin, you can share with specific people! When adding permissions to pages within the Hub admin, you now have “User” as an option.

  • We have removed the option for agents to create Office or Brokerage sites from the site type menu. Now only those with elevated access will be able to create a Brokerage or Office site type!







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